Bamboo Mood vol. 1 (2023)

first chapter of a serie of electronic EPs

Infinites Reflexions (2017)

1st album on Nuit et Brouillard (LP) & Hylé tapes (K7)

“Crafting electronic poetry that transcends the boundaries of music to delve deeper into the unknown aspects of existence, Adrien Kanter takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the uniqueness of his imagination.” – the Quietus

“An engrossing and passionate album, Adrien Kanter plays with stereo sound and repetition, turning these ten tracks into a complex, meditative, and meticulously crafted work. The first true gem of 2017, ‘Infinites RĂ©flexions’ appears to be an album deeply sincere and intimate.” – Hartzine

“The tracks flow and interweave in a vast sonic dream, where landscapes follow one another, yet each one is distinct. The artist effortlessly leaps from one space to another, and we find ourselves drawn into the melodies, emerging from the experience with our minds pleasantly disoriented.” – indiemusic